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Our Curriculum

​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Pre-School Classes

The teacher conducts an academic class coupled with arts and crafts, which allows for the use of concentration and fine motor skills.

Music Time, Story time, and science classes

JAMaROO kids ( The program provides the children with a fun experience, including: 

  • Music, dance and story time with puppets and musical instruments that the children really enjoy.

  • Gross Motor Skills: through music and movement. The children get exposed to music, instruments and dancing.

Spanish lessons

​Spanish circle time where the children learn the language through music, dancing, and reading books.


​Yoga is a fun, healthy and challenging class that allows the children to use their gross motor skills and imagination.

Outdoor play time

We have a great backyard with a play structure, large open area and many toys.

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